Is government too big?  Do you support the Constitution?  Do you support free market economics?  Are you taxed enough already?  Do you care about our future?
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Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party


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Next Meeting

Tuesday, August 16


6:30 PM

Fountain Hills School District Learning Center

16000 East Palisades Blvd.

Maricopa County Attorney

Bill Montgomery


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Map of Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party at FHUSD Learning Center


Oppose amnesty and demand enforcement of immigration law!

Through the history of our great country, there have been victories and losses, successes and setbacks, but patriotic Americans have persevered, often against overwhelming odds.

Consistent with American history and tradition,

As patriotic Americans and members of the tea party movement,
 we must continue to boldly defend what we believe

and work tirelessly to promote our principles.

Our challenge is to enlighten the uninformed

and motivate the uninterested. 

The need is obvious.  The goal is righteous.

The mission of the tea party is as important now as it has ever been.

Our future is in our hands!

After almost eight LONG years in office,

President Obama has shown again & again that he, and his advisors,

are in way over their heads.

We are paying  for their incompetence and

their attempt to "transform America."

President Obama is trampling the First Amendment

 and ignoring our freedom of religion.

He is attacking the 2nd Amendment. 

He takes no responsibility for his actions and inactions. 
He fosters class envy. 
He picks and chooses what laws to enforce or ignore. 
He demeans those who have worked hard to achieve success.
He surrounds himself with people who owe greater allegiance to him than to the Constitution.
He has weakened our military and our ability 
to defend our country and our way of life.
He oversteps Constitutional limits on his authority. 

He welcomes illegal aliens to stay and work

while American citizens and legal immigrants are unemployed.

His apology for America is being answered across the world

by new attacks on Americans and lower respect for our nation.

He claims to respect the rule of law while openly violating it.

He has misled the American people with false promises, 
except for the promise to "fundamentally transform America."


This is Obama's "hope and change." 

 How's it working out for you?


We can still save America.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

If you still haven't joined the Tea Party,

what else will it take?

"Low Information" Voters


The video, "Obama is awesome," (link below) still illustrates what those of us who believe in the Constitution, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility are facing - the misinformed voter.

Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party endorses the principles of smaller, Constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  We support candidates and organizations that share these goals.  We provide information, perspective, and resources to our members to assist them in making their own personal, informed decisions.

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